2019 EFMD - HUMANE Winter School - Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona School of Management - Barcelona - Spain - Sunday 10  › Friday 15 March 2019

Application Form

Dear applicant

In order to apply to the 2019 EFMD - HUMANE Winter School, you are invited to provide some personal details, your motivations to do so and the following documents:

  • A one (or maximum two) page Curriculum Vitae
  • A Support Letter from your Head of Administration

You will be able to upload the documents in PDF in the form following this one.

Your application will be reviewed by mid-November. By December 2018 you will receive an email informing you whether your application to the Winter School has been accepted or not.

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Personal Details

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Your motivations

A one page statement describing why you are interested in joining the 2019 EFMD - HUMANE Winter School.

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